A Brief Description of Our Club…

A group of motoring enthusiasts first met in Willunga in 1970 and went on to form the Historic Motor Vehicles Club.  From modest beginnings, the Club has grown steadily over the past forty five years.  Current membership is around three hundred members.  Owners, and persons interested in all makes of motor vehicles, are welcome to join the Club.

The Club Rooms of the Historic Motor Vehicles Club are located at the Newlandtown Memorial Hall and complex in Jolly Street, Victor Harbor. Monthly general meetings  are normally held on the first Thursday of each month except January. All Club Meetings are held in the HMVC’s Victor Harbor Clubrooms. 

The objectives of the Historic Motor Vehicles Club are:

  • To encourage the preservation, restoration and use of historic and otherwise significant motor vehicles,
  • To render technical advice and assistance to members, and,
  • To promote social functions and events for members and their vehicles.

The Club encourages members to actively participate in club events, such as monthly “Mid-Week Runs” to visit places of interest, street parades, and static displays at community events. The “Mid-Week Runs” are particularly popular with Club Members who relish the opportunity to drive their older vehicles and enjoy the companionship of fellow Members.

Each year the Club organises at least one trip away in which many members travel in their prized vehicles to spend a few days away with like minded people.  In recent times Club members have travelled to York Peninsular, the Barossa Valley, Tasmania and the Mid-North of our State.

Another popular event is the ‘Old Fashioned Picnic’, held in November at Clayton Bay, and to which other motoring clubs are invited. The HMVC also plays a pivotal role in the fabulously successful “Rock ‘n Roll Festival” which is held annually in Victor Harbor during September. 

The Club’s Library contains an extensive range of books and materials relating to historic motor vehicles. It is a professionally arranged collection specialising in technical books and motor manuals.

The Club’s monthly newsletter, “The Steering Column”, keeps members and other clubs up to date with our activities.  Members are encouraged to contribute articles and photographs and also provide write-ups of Club activities.  It is available in both electronic and printed formats.

A Calendar of Events provides information on both Club and invitational events run by other clubs.  The “Buy, Sell and Swap” listing is a free service to members that helps them to dispose of unwanted vehicles and parts, and can also be used to locate needed parts, supplies and services.

Club Membership provides access to the ‘Club Registration – A 90 day conditional registration scheme For Historic, Left Hand Drive and Street Rod vehicles’ scheme, which allows Club Members to use their historical vehicles on the road for a fraction of the full registration cost. 

‘Family Membership’ covers ‘joint ownership’ of an older vehicle when both owners must be Members to obtain Conditional Registration. To facilitate ‘Family Memberships’, the Club’s annual subscriptions for both “Single’ or “Family” memberships are set at the same rate.

Anyone interested in joining the Club is welcome to attend a General Meeting. As a visitor, this is an opportunity to sample the congenial atmosphere of our Meetings, get to know our Members, and have a closer look at the Club and its many and varied activities. Membership information is available and can be obtained from the Membership Officer or Secretary  when attending a General Meeting..  Prospective members wishing to join the Club are required to apply in person at a General Meeting of the Club. The Annual Membership Subscription fee is $80 for either ‘Single’ or ‘Family’ Memberships.  A once-of ‘joining fee’ is set at $100.

For further information regarding Membership, Conditional Registration, Meetings and Events, please feel free to contact the Secretary:

See email form below.

We always look forward to welcoming new Members into our happy Club. Come along and look us over.

HMVC Secretary