Classics Tour 2024, Its Done!

We All did it!  We are all packed up and heading home.
Thank you!
We want to take a moment to express our sincerest gratitude to all the participants and sponsors who made the 2024 British Classics tour a success!
Your passion for classic British cars brought an incredible energy to Warland Reserve, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.
Weather Report
Willy weather as predicted gave us a perfect day, enhancing the enjoyment of the day as we soaked up the sunshine and revelled in the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.
Comradery and Friendship:
The lively conversations, shared memories, and contagious laughter fostered an atmosphere of joy and connection that truly encapsulated the spirit of our community.
Tour Enjoyment:
Your dedication and enthusiasm made this tour a success. From the meticulously restored classics to the charming quirks and anecdotes shared, each moment was cherished and celebrated.
Award Winners:
We would like to extend our congratulations to the following award recipients:
The winning entries are as follows: 

The Navigators Award Presented to Navigator – Jess Hearse – Rolls Royce
     Presented by City of Victor Harbor Mayor Dr Moira Jenkins

Best British Presented Vehicle – Jim Pearse & Jackie – Morris   ICV 
 Presented by City of Victor Harbor Mayor Dr Moira Jenkins

Best British Classic Commercial Vehicle – Jim Pearse & Jackie  Morris   ICV RAA (Utility)
Presented by City of Victor Harbor Mayor Dr Moira Jenkins

Most Collectable British Classic Vehicle – Luigi Anton Lippis – MGA Twin Com
Presented by Ebony Nash for Ben Finnis Collectable Classics

Best British Classic Family Car – Nigel von Sanden – 1956 Jaguar XJS
Presented by Ebony Ben Finnis Collectable Classics

Best British Convertible – Geoff Barnes Triumph 1800 Roadster
Presented by Stephen Marlow (Co Host MGCCSA)

People’s Choice – Brian Triplow- Morris Tourer 8/40
Presented by Robert Durant  (Co Host HMVC) 

Events Coordinator
British Classics Tour 2024
Historic Motor Vehicles Club Inc
Loris Durant